Work/life balance

Remember when we used to idly pontificate about work-life balance?

Ah, happy days.

When it seemed possible to achieve a magical blend, the two sides of our life operating in perfect harmony. Like Morecambe & Wise. Ant & Dec. Yin & Yang. (They’re the new comedy show on Netflix, right?)

Now those two parts have been smashed together in this forced confinement. 

It’s not a thought experiment anymore, something you wistfully daydream about on your tiring commute or during a particularly tedious meeting. It’s for real.

And it’s not really a balance, is it? 

It never was, in truth. It’s a co-existence. Work and ‘life’ are in competition for your time, energy and attention.

They aren’t separate, they merge and interweave with each other, especially as we’re ‘always connected’ by phone

The edges have been blurring over the years, without us really noticing.

Like the frog in the saucepan, the water’s been getting hotter and we’re slowly getting cooked. 

But now the flame has been turned right up and we can feel the heat.

It’s time to hop out.

Rethink our priorities. Be more conscious of where we put our time and attention. Focus on the things we really value.

How do you think of your work/life balance now?

And what changes are you making?

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