The Shift has happened

The Shift has happened. The ‘Future of Work’ is here now. 

OK, it’s in beta. Well, more like alpha. A Minimum Viable Product. Hell, in some cases it’s a prototype made out of wood, string and blu tack. But it’s here.

Work has gone virtual. Distributed. Networked. Adaptable. (No, I’m not going to say Agile).

(Oh, bugger. I said Agile).

All those things they said couldn’t be done got done. Overnight.

All the stuff that couldn’t work remotely, we’re making work remotely.

All the stuff they said was impossible has been made possible.

Some of us have been waiting for this for years and now it’s happened.

Although it’s not the elegant evolution to the new we envisaged.

More like an unexpected shove in the back that pushed us over the threshold, startled and stumbling and really not quite ready yet.

Of course it’s not perfect. The circumstances are not ideal. It’s actually an overstep, doing EVERYTHING virtually is unnatural.

But it HAS changed and we won’t be going back to the status quo. We can’t. It doesn’t exist anymore.

What can we create from this opportunity?

What do we want to keep of this ‘new normal’ and what to we want to retain of the old?

How can we make the ‘Future of Work’ a blessing for everyone?

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