The Employee Engagement Gap

Gallup’s recent State of Work report highlighted an ‘engagement gap’ between the best and the rest (see graph). It’s not a little gap, a small sliver of difference. It’s a huge, Grand Canyon-sized gap. The best have almost three times as many engaged employees as the rest.
(in fact, the lower line is the average, soContinue reading “The Employee Engagement Gap”

“Are we there yet?”

“Are we there yet?” Perhaps we’re all being annoying children when it comes to the future of work. All parents will be familiar with this phrase, normally uttered after you’ve just started a long journey and repeated regularly until boredom and disillusionment set in. It’s also the question being asked about the future of work.Continue reading ““Are we there yet?””

What if you can’t ‘just leave’?

“If it’s a toxic environment, just get out” is advice we often hear. But what if it’s not that simple. Changing jobs is not an easy, or even available, option to for many. They have commitment to children and family, they have bills to pay, they are settled in their personal life and can’t deal withContinue reading “What if you can’t ‘just leave’?”

RTO companies will get crushed by those who don’t

Companies that enforce a ‘Return to the Office’ will get crushed by those who don’t. Discuss! Here’s why I think this is going to be the case: The arguments for Return to the Office (RTO) are unsupported by any science that I can find. The justification given for RTO is to improve productivity, communication andContinue reading “RTO companies will get crushed by those who don’t”