• Choices in an unhappy workplace
    If you’re one of the 6 in 10 that are not engaged at work (it’s 9 in 10 in the UK!) then you have some choices. 2. Change jobs 3. Become an ‘entrepreneur’ 4. Run away and join the circus 5. Improve your day-to-day experience to create the space to make long-term change ‘Put up … Read more
  • What if you don’t burnout?
    What if you don’t burnout? What if you never quite get to that tipping point where you stop functioning? What if you never have a dramatic moment of crisis that forces change? What if you just, somehow, keep going? Lots of people report they are suffering from ‘burnout’, some might say it is now over-reported. … Read more
  • Work Intensification
    “People at increased risk of burnout due to more demanding workdays, TUC says”The Guardian, 23 July 2023 Are we reaching the end game for the version of work on offer in today’s last stage capitalism? The machine is running so hard that the cogs are breaking faster than they can be replaced. The damage to … Read more
  • The Employee Engagement Gap
    Gallup’s recent State of Work report highlighted an ‘engagement gap’ between the best and the rest (see graph). It’s not a little gap, a small sliver of difference. It’s a huge, Grand Canyon-sized gap. The best have almost three times as many engaged employees as the rest.
(in fact, the lower line is the average, so … Read more
  • Your job’s never safe
    BT, where I spent the bulk of my career, have announced they are intend to reduce their workforce by 55,000 employees world wide. That’s over 40%. So if you work in BT, you have a 4 in 10 chance of losing your job. The original announcement was couched in terms of being more efficient and … Read more
  • How to manage people remotely
    How to manage people remotely How to manage people well See above The problem is not that remote or hybrid is harder to manage. The ‘problem’ is that it’s much less tolerant of poor management.
  • A Pirate in the Navy
    You’ve got the corporate gig, the ‘stable’ job with the nice benefits and you’re supposed to be happy but the way the organisation works is driving you nuts! You keep reading all this stuff saying that you should leave and become an entrepreneur but you don’t feel that’s for you. The problem isn’t having a … Read more
  • Love/Hate work?
    Do you have a love/hate relationship with work? I certainly did when I was back in corporate. I loved the work that I did, it was interesting, challenging, and gave me a sense of achievement. I loved the people I worked with (mostly!). They were smart, helpful, kind and we had a lot of fun … Read more
  • “Are we there yet?”
    “Are we there yet?” Perhaps we’re all being annoying children when it comes to the future of work. All parents will be familiar with this phrase, normally uttered after you’ve just started a long journey and repeated regularly until boredom and disillusionment set in. It’s also the question being asked about the future of work. … Read more
  • What if you can’t ‘just leave’?
    “If it’s a toxic environment, just get out” is advice we often hear. But what if it’s not that simple. Changing jobs is not an easy, or even available, option to for many. They have commitment to children and family, they have bills to pay, they are settled in their personal life and can’t deal with … Read more

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