Work with Colin

How can I help you Decrapify Work?

It’s about making change happen, at a personal level and in your workplace. I work one-to-one with you to get clarity around what changes you want to see and what your options are to bring them about.

I’ve been through quite a few types of change myself over the course of my career.

  • Working in a young organisation, developing products in a completely new area, fully supported by my management but not really knowing what I was doing
  • Working in a toxic environment that was highly risk-averse, making change depite my management and all the barriers put in my way
  • Feeling powerless, buffeted around by the storms of corporate life, confused about what to do next. Wanting things to change but feeling helpless to make it happen and a bit hopeless that it ever will.

At various times I have been frustrated that I couldn’t get things to happen, exasperated at how hard it was to overcome the obstacles, confused about what was happening around me and helpless in the face of all the nonsense, right through to a sense of hopelessness.

I’ve always believed in my capacity to make change happen but there have been times when I have been at the end of my tether and on the verge of giving in and just going with it like everyone else (which I would never have forgiven myself for). If you’re getting to that point, you need to act. If you’re not there yet but feel like you’re on the way, you still need to act!

I suggest you start with a Decrapify Work Clarity Session. This is a free and confidential session of up to an hour in which we look at what is troubling you and why, and generate some ideas on how you can address it. We’ll begin to sketch out and explore your options and the possible trade-offs. At the end, you’ll be left with a sense of agency and a belief that you can take some positive action to improve your experience of work, and some practical suggestions of things to try.

At the end of session, if the chemistry feels right and I feel I can help you, I’ll suggest how we could work together. If you feel that’s right for you, then we’ll discuss a programme of coaching sessions and other support that suits your aspirations and circumstances.

If you’d like a Decrapify Work Clarity Session, then contact me at

I am happy to discuss other ways to help you Decrapify Work, so get in touch on the email above and we’ll set up a conversation.