Work is crap.

It needs to change.

And we’re going to change it.

Or we’ll die. Literally. Today’s toxic workplaces are killing us.

And if our organisations don’t change, they’re going to die too.

So this is our battle cry.

Decrapify Work or Die!

Do you work in a rigid hierarchy where you are told what to do and get beaten down if you step out of line?

Are you operating in a climate of fear where bullying is rife and people are seen as expendable?

Do you feel under-valued and under-paid?

Are you and your peers doing all the actual work but watching the rewards go to those at the top?

You know you could do so much more and so much better if you had the chance.

350 years ago, a group of young professionals felt the same as you (only more so). They didn’t just complain, they took action.

They became pirates.

They broke the rules and replaced them with better ones.

And they changed their world.

Now it’s time to start some mutinies.

It’s time to be more pirate.

And Decrapify Work!

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