No More Heroes

“No More Heroes, Anymore! ” we sang along raucously to the The Stranglers, as the thunderous music threatened to bring the decidedly rickety venue down around us.

It was in the prime of punk and The Electric Ballroom, an old run-down cinema in Arndale was THE place to watch the bands strut their stuff.

I wasn’t a punk but I loved the music and the spirit of rebellion. They were ripping up the rule book, challenging the status quo and taking control.

The punks felt abandoned, shut out by a society that didn’t value them, but they weren’t waiting for someone to come along and rescue them. They were rescuing themselves.

They weren’t looking for heroes. They didn’t need them. They didn’t want them.

They were pirates, living by their own code, creating the world they wanted to see. 

“No More Heroes, Anymore! ”

40+ years later, much is different but too much is the same.

Many people feel abandoned and shut out by a society that doesn’t value them. People at all levels of society, people of all ages.

Stop waiting to be rescued. No-one’s coming.

Stop looking for heroes. There aren’t any.

“No More Heroes, Anymore !”

It’s time to start making your own rules. Be your own hero. Make the world you want to see.

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