Simple and Normal

“Keep it simple”

“Just be normal”

“You have to let people do their work and apply their talents.”

These are the words of Jos De Blok, CEO of Buurtzorg, one of the best known examples of a progressive organisation and a pioneer of self-organising and the new ways of work.

We can look at Buurtzorg and say it is a network of teams, purpose-led, value-driven, human-centric, the epitome of the ‘future of work’.

We can call it a TEAL organisation, a responsive organisation, a learning organisation, a flat organisation. An agile, adaptive and resilient organisation.

We can even call it a complex adaptive system.

We can put all sort of labels on it, fit it into our management, leadership and societal models. Make it sound really complicated.

But it’s not. It’s really simple.

Like Jos says.

Yes, it is complex in the way it works. Most things in life are. Look at nature and the many wondrous organisms on the planet.

But underlying them is an elegant simplicity.

We don’t try to describe how a sunset works. We just admire its beauty.

Let’s stop complicating this. It’s simple.

It’s normal.

Just let people do their work and apply their talents.

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