Replicating the commute

Some people are replicating the commute.

They miss the break between work and home, the chance to read, listen to music or just chill. 

They miss the boundaries it gave them.

So they’re creating a facsimile, an ersatz commute. They go for a walk or a run. They sit in a cafe and read.

These aren’t bad things to do but is it the commute they miss?

Or is it the drumbeat of going to an office every day, the pattern of actions, the ebb and flow of energy?

Having been unconsciously imprinted with the habit, are they are actually suffering from withdrawal? 

What they really miss is the hit of being in that rhythm, the buzz of activity, even though it was damaging them, draining them of energy and robbing them of time.

But they are missing the real opportunity – not to replicate the old but imagine the new. 

To consciously decide how to spend your time, what your priorities are and how best to meet your needs. 

To create a pattern that suits you and is designed for what you truly value.

To create the boundaries that help you flourish by keeping out the things you don’t want, rather than replicating ones that hem you in and keep you small.

You’re almost through the cold turkey. Don’t go back to bad habits that didn’t serve you. 

Take this chance to reimagine your life. 

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