Pirates are terrible

Pirates are terrible. No good comes from piracy.

So we’ve been told.

Only it’s not true.

In the Golden Age of Pirates, some three hundred and fifty years ago, sailors were under-paid, under-valued, abused and brutalised. So they rebelled against this tyranny and created their own world based on values of fairness, social equality, freedom and justice. They looked out for each other because no-one else did.

They rejected the status quo and the miserable lot the were given in life and, in the process, established breakthrough rights

  • one person one vote
  • fair shares for all
  • equality for all, regardless of race, gender or sexual preference
  • dual governance
  • democratically chosen leadership
  • ‘social security’ : payment for injury and support afterwards
  • same-sex marriage

We take these for granted today, even though they are under attack more than ever right now.

At too many workplaces today, people are under-paid, under-valued, abused and brutalised.

It’s time to learn from the pirates.

Break some rules and replace them with better ones.

Come together to change our world.

Start to #BeMorePirate

Start to #DecrapifyWork

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