Bullying – it’s not Priti

Can you unintentionally bully someone?

Let’s start to answer this by calling bullying what it really is – abuse.

It’s can be physical, emotional or psychological or any combination of all three. But it’s still abuse.

This toxic behaviour is a blight on our society and our workplaces and is never acceptable.

The abuser is always responsible for their actions and the impact they have on others.

Those in a position of authority have an even greater responsibility to ensure that they are not abusive, which is why they should face greater sanction.

Yet, once again, someone in power is being protected.

Their abusive behaviour is being explained away.

They were ‘unaware’ of their impact on others. Well, that’s not good enough. It’s their job to be aware.

They were just being ‘a demanding boss’. That’s just a euphemism for a bully.

If you set high standards, you have a responsibility to help your people to achieve them, not attack them for failing.

It’s time to stamp out workplace abuse.

Starting at top of government.

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