Be Spiky

Don’t be consistent.

Don’t be an all-rounder.

Don’t fit in.

Be spiky.

We are continually told to smooth off our rough edges.

We are judged on how well we perform on against a list of competences.

We are told to work on our weaknesses.

Because it will make us a better.

It’s a lie.

The best are those who are outstanding. And they stand out because they are unique.

They are extraordinarily gifted in one area. They have an un-copyable talent.

They often have many areas of weakness. They are flawed, uneven, human.

They are not well-rounded, accommodating, conformers.

They are spiky, irregular, sometimes difficult.

But they are uniquely themselves.

Lionel Messi, the greatest footballer in the world, is very one-footed. He’s actually pretty good with his right foot but he is insanely good with his left foot. That’s his genius.

Ignore the siren calls of ‘fitting in’, of ‘rounding out’, of working on your weaknesses. That’s the path to mediocrity.

Build on your strengths and be the best expression of you that you can be, because that is your unique genius.

Be different. Find you spiky-ness. Be you.

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