What do we need to do our best work?

What do we need to do our best work?

Right now, there’s a binary debate about location. Office or Remote? 

But there are many more dimensions to consider.

Dr. Richard Claydon identifies five types of knowledge work, each requiring a different work environment

  • Focused 
  • Collaborative
  • Connective
  • Learning
  • Shallow

Then there is the mix of these types. Inevitably, there have to be compromises but 40% of work is ‘Focused’, so work from home has increased productivity despite being sub-optimal for other types.

There are the rhythms of work to consider, which causes the mix to change dynamically over the course of a project, say, or over the course of the year for people in finance.

There’s also a rhythm to the organisation, as parts of it start up, grow, mature and dissolve.

Then there is the personal style of the individual. The extrovert-oriented office environment is not ideal for many, and increasingly so as work forces become more diverse.

Finally, there is whatever is going on in the people’s lives. People need to be able to flex their work to fit other life demands and opportunities.

Balancing all these factors to provide the best for each person is tricky but the rewards are thriving, productive people giving their best.

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