Safe at work?

Have you ever felt unsafe at work?

Not just worried that you’ll be for the high jump if you speak up or step out of line, or that you might lose your job.

I mean physically in peril. 

We’ve learnt over the past few weeks that the public realm is not a safe space for women. As part of that public realm, is the workplace also unsafe?

The office has been the domain of males since its creation and remains so today. It’s baked in, from the 9-to-5 and presenteeism that discriminates against those with caring responsibilities (mostly women) to the commute that can be a trial for women and a barrier for the disabled.

From the ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ atmosphere of the City to the ‘Bro’ culture’ of Tech, there is a lack of diversity & inclusion that is in the very fabric of the workplace. If you are not ‘IN’ then you are an outsider, and will feel not feel safe.

Even the virtual workplace is unsafe as some organisations use surveillance software to monitor people in their own homes, their own private space. That’s every bit a physical intrusion as someone standing over your desk and watching. Only now you have nowhere to escape.

It’s time we re-design the workplace so it is safe for everyone – physically, psychologically & emotionally.

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