Meetings are the fast food of work

Meetings are the fast food of work.

They look tasty and alluring but are ultimately unfulfilling

You can never resist another meeting, even though you know they are bad for you.

If you fill yourself up with meetings, you feel bloated, tired and anxious.

Your colleague’s meeting always looks better than yours.

Even if the meeting seemed enjoyable at the time, afterwards you have an empty feeling in your stomach and bad taste in your mouth.

They lack real nutritional value.

You’re always being asked if you want to ‘super-size’ your meeting. It always sounds like a good idea but it rarely is.

They are full of stuff that is bad for you and even a bit toxic.

They give you headaches and make you feel slightly nauseous.

They are full of empty calories.

After you’ve filled your day with meeting, you are wracked with guilt and self-loathing. You punish yourself with extra work(outs) to try and get yourself back into shape.

You always wish you’d chosen something else.

For every 10 people offering you a meeting, there’s only 1 person offering you a wholesome and nourishing conversation.

You are constantly bombarded with offers of meetings.

Zoom is like a drive-through McDonalds. You consume the same rubbish as normal but now you’ve polluted your own space too and it takes ages to get rid of the smell and the mess.

Over-consumption will lead to stress and chronic illness. 

We really need to put some restrictions on the consumption of meetings. It’s time to go on a diet.

Start having meeting-free days.

Go Async.

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