The High Church of Leadership

Have you been anointed to the High Church of Leadership?

You see, not everyone can be a leader. You must be chosen, selected, groomed for the role.

Your potential must be identified, you must be separated out from the herd and put on the elite track.

You must learn the language and the rituals of leadership. As you progress, you must obtain the symbols. The MBA. The summer school at INSEAD. The executive leadership programme.

You must develop presence and gravitas. You must learn to act like a leader, to speak like a leader, to look like a leader. You must know how to dress, how to walk, how to speak and, most importantly, how to fake empathy.

You have to be schooled in the ways of leadership. Know how to be aware of your place in the hierarchy, who you have power over and who has power over you. Learn the signs about how much you can challenge, how far you can deviate from the status quo. Learn the ninja moves that establish your superiority and hold others in their place.

You must learn the secret signs that leaders identify each other with and the gestures and language that communicate your leadership level. You must learn to spot leaders and separate them from mere followers and technicians.

If you are a diligent student and integrate the lessons into your behaviour, you will embody leadership and progress along the sacred path. Ultimately, you may gain access to the inner sanctum, the board of directors. Once you have attained this hallowed office, you will forever operate on a higher plane and receive rewards commensurate with your elevated status. Your position will be secure, you can only fail upwards from now on.

This is what it means to be a leader, to learn the sacred secrets of leadership and to pass through the rites of progress to achieve nirvana, to reach a state of bliss.

Are you ready to commit yourself to the High Church of Leadership? Are you ready to accept your true calling and ascend to glory?

We can show you the path to achieving the one true Leadership style that will ensure you ascend to Executive Suite and pass through the hallowed portal to the sacred realm of the inner sanctum.

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