Things said to me in my career

Things that were said to me in my career

“Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions”

“It’s on a need-to-know basis”

“Don’t ask me why, just do what I’ve told you”

“Be careful you don’t go offside on this”

“Did I give you permission to talk to them?”

“This has to come through me”

“Why did you tell them that?”

“I’m not signing it off until everyone else has”

“That’s a career limiting act”

“I don’t care if it made us look stupid, I told you not to agree to that”

“The training budget’s been cut, that’s all there is”

“I’m not interested in whether it’s good for the business as a whole”

“Go and write a business case first, then come and talk to me”

“You have jeopardised my career, it’s my cock on the block!”

“You’re responsible for your own career development”

“I’m only interested in hitting my number, and I don’t really care how I do it”

“I want a report on every project, even if nothing’s happened”

“You only represent a fraction of my revenues, I don’t have time to manage you”

“It’s not you that’s redundant, it’s the position”

Don’t put up with this crap. 

Start a mutiny today.

Be More Pirate

Decrapify Work

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