Microwave moment

We’re having a microwave moment.

In the 80s, we were all desperate to get a microwave. They were so novel and exciting, you could cook food much more quickly, in new ways!

Lots of recipe books appeared for microwave cooking. You didn’t need that old hob or that ordinary oven – you could microwave everything!

Our cupboards filled with special microwave devices for cooking vegetable, making cakes and boiling eggs.

Gradually, our fervour subsided. We realised that whilst we COULD cook everything in our microwave, it was actually a bit of a faff and the end result was rather disappointing.

And boiling eggs in it was ridiculous.

So we went back to our hobs and normal ovens and we found other, new ways to cook interesting food.

And we used the microwave for what it’s good at, defrosting and heating things up.

So now companies are using Zoom and other platforms with their suddenly remote workforce.

And they are doing everything they used to do in the office on their new platforms. Because they can.

And it’s a bit of a faff.

The end results are disappointing.

Like boiling an egg in a microwave.

So now they need to find new ways of doing interesting stuff.

And use Zoom for what it’s good at.

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