Maybe nothing will change

Maybe nothing will change.

Maybe all the people who are allowed to work from anywhere will decide to work from the office.

Maybe they will decide to get dressed up and commute in and out every day.

Maybe they will decide to buy over-priced coffee and unhealthy meal deals every day.

Maybe they will decide to brave the air-pollution, noise-pollution, people-pollution of the city every day.

Seems unlikely, right?

But they might. Because it’s their choice. Because they are trusted to make that choice.

This is the message that is sent out when a company says it will move to flexible working. It is saying “we trust you”.

It is also saying “we value you, we listen to you and we care for you”. 

Even if the laptop they give you is a bit crappy, even if they don’t get you a chair for working from home, even if the remote log-in is a bit sketchy and the hybrid meetings can be a bit of a car crash.

“We trust you, we value you, we care for you”.

That’s way more important than anything else. It always has been.

And if, as any organisation, you’re not saying that, what exactly are you saying?

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