The government – “Go back to your offices!”

The UK workforce – “Um, no, we’re fine, thanks!”

Only a third of people have gone back to work in the office. It seems working from home was a not only possible, for many it is preferable.

We’ve had ‘The Big Shift’, now we’re getting the after-shocks.

It seems it wasn’t just working patterns that were out-of-date, it was living patterns too. 

High city living costs have pushed people to live further away, meaning longer and more expensive commutes that are more difficult and stressful too.

They also have less time to spend with their families and in their communities, sucking the pleasure out of their existence.

Now they’ve been able to take back some control. They’ve got a better balance in their lives, greater wellbeing and happiness, money saved on fares, lunches and ‘business wear’.

Add in greater productivity, creativity and fulfilment that many are experiencing working from home and the case is overwhelming.

What if only 50% of people went back? 

Half the offices won’t be needed. Or the trains, buses, pubs, restaurants, shops …

This is the after-shock we’re feeling at the moment.

There are many more to come.

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