A lesson from the crisis – we need more feminine energy in our leadership

In a crisis, everything is exaggerated, heightened, drawn into sharper relief. Everything that’s irrelevant and inconsequential drops away. The deeper truths are revealed to us and we see what is truly important to us

That means we can learn about what we need for the future from our responses to the current pandemic. What we most look for now, the things that we reach out for are what we most need in the future.

In a recent HBR article about their research into leadership, gathering responses from thousands of direct reports, Jack Anger and Jospeh Folkman conclude:

“… (these direct reports) want leaders who are able to pivot and learn new skills; who emphasize employee development even when times are tough; who display honesty and integrity; and who are sensitive and understanding of the stress, anxiety, and frustration that people are feeling.”

These are not just needed now but are the foundation of leadership for the future.

They go on to say “Our analysis shows that these are traits that are more often being displayed by women.”

Men can do this too but we’re going to have to do the work to connect to our feminine energy and integrate it into how we lead.

The future demands it.

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