State of play on the Future Of Work

Is the ‘Future Of Work’ conversation played out? It’s certainly less intense than it was because a lot of things have settled out. Here’s my take on what’s DONE, what’s NOT DONE and what could be COMING. (A longer and more expansive version of this is in the ‘Decrapify Work Not-Newsletter’ that I put outContinue reading “State of play on the Future Of Work”

Allstate – a beacon of common sense

A beacon of common sense amongst a sea of ego and opinion, US insurance provider Allstate have embraced the shift towards hybrid/remote working. These are my observations from what their CEO Tom Wilson said at the Aspen Ideas Festival (summarised by Charter’s Kevin Delaney – link in comments) It’s not what they’ve done that’s impressiveContinue reading “Allstate – a beacon of common sense”