How can I help?

Well, that’s a question that can only be answered through dialogue. I have many talents but mind-reading is not one of them. So let’s grab a call and explore the issues, kick around some ideas, run them up the flagpole and see who sets fire to them (or something like that). Book a slot here.

If that’s a bit too vague, here’s some thoughts I’ve had on the who and the how.

  • If you’re a put-upon Team Leader or Middle Manager who wants to Decrapify Work, let’s have a conversation about the issues as you see them and see if we can find a way to move forward.
  • If you are struggling with managing remote teams and re-orienting yourself in this new world of hybrid/flex/agile/remote/whatever, then let’s chew that over.
  • If you are interested in learning how to lead by developing your own leadership style, let’s see where that takes us.
  • If you’re a leader or manager who thinks they need to Decrapify Work, let’s see what the problems might be and where the upsides lie, I’d like to discuss that with you.
  • If you’re a leader or manager who doesn’t think they need to Decrapify Work, I’d really like to discuss that with you.
  • If you’re some one who works in the field of making work better, more human and more meaningful and are interested in collaborating in some way, I’d be delighted to explore that.
  • If you’re commissioning content and you want someone with a different take to appear on your podcast, blog, in your publication, or as a speaker, then give me a shout.

Just pop over to my Calendly and book yourself a slot.

As they used to say in the BT ads, “It’s good to talk”