Experimental group – “The Decrapify Work Pirates”

You’ll be in a group of 6-8 people designed to to help you use your agency to take some small bold actions that will enable you to start to Decrapify Work.

This is an experimental group, in that I have some ideas about what ground to cover but I really want to co-create it with you, the members, and tailor it to your needs. 

I want you to come away with a much better understanding of how and why work is crap, what strategies and tactics you can use to make it better, and the actions that you are going to take to get started.

You will also learn how to develop yourself as a leader. My approach is quite different to your usual ‘leadership development course’, you’re going to be releasing your ‘inner pirate’ for a start!

My plan is for this to run over a 6 week period, based around a 1.5 hour group session one evening each week over Zoom. You will also have some material to go through before and after sessions. I want us to develop the ‘course’ as we go along so that it deals with your issues and so there may be additional conversations and sessions that we decide to add. 

You will get out of this what you put in, and the more everyone contributes the greater the benefit we’ll all get.

I will be asking for a minimal financial contribution, to cover my costs and also because parting with a bit of cash really ups that commitment level! 

You will probably be in a junior or middle management position, by which I mean you will have responsibility for directing the work of others. This could be as a team leader, project leader, unit manager – you know, someone who is responsible for actually making sure the work gets done.

You have agency, you have more power than you realise, and you can make some good trouble that will decrapify work. Let’s get started.

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